Manual vs. Electric: What’s the Difference?

It’s time to address the elephant in the (bath)room– what’s the benefit of using an electrictoothbrush over a manual toothbrush? You’ve probably asked the question whether you’ve onlyever used a manual toothbrush, or you use an electric toothbrush and wonder if the cost wasworth it. There are pros and cons to both options, so let’s explore them.

Manual Toothbrush



Manual brushes are more affordable than electric toothbrushes. For less than $10, you’re able to get a multi-pack that will last.

Can be gentler

The pressure and speed is done manually, so you’re able to brush more gently than electric toothbrushes.


More waste

Because you throw away the entire toothbrush after 90 days, you’re generating more waste when using manual toothbrushes.

Less motion

You’re not able to generate as much motion manually as an electric motor.

Less engaging

Manual toothbrush users are typically not as engaged, therefore spending less than the recommended amount of time brushing their teeth.

Difficult for some

Brushing can be difficult for those with disabilities, dexterity, or inflammatory diseases that affect motor function and joint health.

Less ergonomic

Manual brush heads are typically larger, making it more difficult to effectively clean hard-to-reach spots.

Electric Toothbrush



Electric toothbrushes have a variety of settings to choose from based on your needs, making your routine customizable.

More efficient cleaning

With a motorized vibration, electric toothbrushes are capable of up to 40,000 strokes per minute. This makes for increased plaque removal and a deeper clean that fights stains from daily eat and drink.

Protect from hard brushing

EVO toothbrushes help improve brushing safety with built-in pressure sensors that keep you from pressing too hard.

Protect from over-brushing

Yes! Over brushing is a thing, it can introduce gum bleeding and weakening enamel. EVO toothbrush has a built-in timer tells you when you’ve brushed for the recommended 2 minutes.

More ergonomic

Electric brush heads are smaller, making it easier to cleanhard-to-reach places.

Designed for all

Electric toothbrushes are easier to hold than manual toothbrushes and do the work for you, making it easier for those who struggle with dexterity and motor function.


Less affordable

Electric brushes are a more costly upfront investment, and refills will be slightly more expensive than the average manual toothbrush.

Need refill

You’ll more than likely need to order your brush head refills online.

Need regarging

Electric brushes need to be charged every 30 days.

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