The Journey of

Bringing the hope of the future to today

The Beginning

EVO was born from a dream, an idea to create futuristic products and bring them to the present. We are creators and designers with a mission: to add the thrill of technical advancement and creative inspiration to our everyday products and routines.

And we’re starting with oral care.

Our connected story starts with a primary device to that bookends when you wake up and go to bed every day: your toothbrush. 

The Problem

Why is this device so important? Many health issues can start from your mouth if not properly cared for, and most people brush an average of only 45 seconds (you’re supposed to brush at least 2 minutes!) thereby missing several areas of their teeth completely.

Studies have also shown people don’t replace their brush for up to 8 months (yuck!). Both of these are serious issues that we wanted to tackle with our EVO rechargeable sonic toothbrushes and enhanced technologies.

Path Forward

This is how the challenge started for us as a team. We spent years thinking of creative ways to take this oral health dream and make it a reality.

We partnered with some of the biggest and best manufacturers around the world, brought on the smartest engineers and brains in manufacturing to help us understand every aspect of the products, and teamed up with some of the greatest brands in the world to add a little fun into the routine.

This is just the beginning.

Let’s evolve.



Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

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