Toothbrush Replacement Heads: Everything You Need to Know

Toothbrush Replacement Heads

Did you know that over 70% of toothbrush bristles harbor harmful bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus?

Combat this contamination effortlessly by changing a toothbrush head at regular and recommended intervals. Join us as we explore the significance of replacement heads and unlock the secret to maintaining a clean, healthy smile.

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush Head?

Of course, knowing when you should change your toothbrush head is essential for effective oral care. Generally, replacing your electric toothbrush head every 3-months is recommended.

However, certain factors such as frequency of use, intensity of brushing, and individual preferences can influence the head's lifespan. Keeping a close eye on the condition of the bristles is key.

If the bristles are visually frayed, worn out, or splayed, it's already past time to replace. You shouldn't base your replacement schedule based on looks, it should be based on the recommended time frames. 

Opting for smart toothbrushes equipped with color-fading bristles technology is ideal. These innovative brushes will give you a clear visual cue when it's time to replace the head, making your oral care routine foolproof.

How to Remember to Replace Your Toothbrush Head Every 3 Months?

Keeping track of when to replace your toothbrush head can be a challenge. That's why our EVO toothbrushes come with a convenient 90-day replacement reminder feature.

With this built-in reminder, the indicator light keeps you on track with brush head replacements after three months of use, ensuring excellent oral hygiene.

How Do You Replace Your Electric Toothbrush Head?

Replacing your electric toothbrush head is a straightforward process. Follow the below three simple considerations to ensure a smooth and effective transition:

  1. Handling and storing spare toothbrush heads
    If you have spare toothbrush heads, storing them properly is important. Keep them hygienic and dry, away from direct sunlight and humidity. This will help maintain their quality and effectiveness until you're ready to use them.

  2. Remove the old toothbrush head
    Grip the base of the brush head firmly and pull it away from the handle. It should detach easily.

  3. Align and secure the new toothbrush head
    Take your new replacement head and align the small groove on the base of the head with the metal shaft on the handle. Gently push the head onto the handle until you hear a click, indicating it's securely in place.

Compatible Toothbrush Replacement Heads Just a Click Away

Refill your oral protection with our toothbrush replacement heads. Whether you use SPM-1 or IRM-1, our compatible heads feel just like what you're used to.

Effective Cleaning: Soft, dense bristles fight plaque and provide a gentle yet thorough clean along the gumline.

Comprehensive Protection: Our replacement heads are devised for optimal oral care, offering all-around protection for your teeth and gums.

Smart Reminder: Specially designed bristles fade from blue to white after 90 days, reminding you to replace the head for consistent oral hygiene.

Comfortable Design: Ergonomic design effortlessly reaches difficult-to-access areas, ensuring a comfortable cleaning experience.

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