The Absolute Game-Changer for Your Dental Routine


Water flossers have become the latest must-have in dental care, recommended by thousands of dentists for their patients. They promise a more thorough cleaning compared to traditional string floss. Reaching depths of almost 7mm in the gum lines, far surpassing the 3-4mm reach of string floss. Not only do water flossers ensure the removal of more plaque, but they also do so without causing discomfort to sensitive gums. With a range of benefits aimed at leaving you feeling refreshed and satisfied with your smile, it's no surprise that EVO has joined the trend with their own innovative take on the water flosser.

What are Water Flossers and Why are They Better than Manual Flossing?

Water flossers are advanced dental tools that target a stream of water to remove plaque, food particles, and bacteria from between teeth and along the gumline. Unlike traditional flossing methods, threading string between teeth, water flossers offer a gentler yet thorough cleaning experience. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with braces, sensitive gums, or even joint pain, as they minimize irritation while effectively cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Water flossers are also versatile, often featuring adjustable pressure settings to accommodate different dental needs and preferences. With their ability to improve oral hygiene, reduce the risk of gum disease, and promote fresh breath, water flossers have been highly recommended among both dental professionals and consumers.

Introducing EVO’s JET-1 Water Flosser. Packed with forward-thinking technology, its goal at the end of the day is to get your mouth clean. One of the greatest benefits of the EVO JET-1 is its ability to enhance gum health with just 1 minute of use per day. The powerful yet gentle water jets effectively remove plaque and debris, reducing the risk of gum disease and promoting overall oral well-being. Another great thing about the JET-1 water flosser is its ability to remove food stuck between teeth without irritating sensitive gums. If you're currently wearing braces, the adjustable pressure settings of the JET-1 water flosser offer one of the most effective methods for removing food from braces without the risk of getting anything stuck. If you experience joint pain, our ergonomically designed handle is crafted to prevent wrist discomfort by creating easier movement and featuring a soft touch grip.


With an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip, the soft-touch handle adds an extra layer of ease to your flossing routine.

 A cord free base will provide the ability to floss anywhere without being plugged in to an outlet. This feature also makes it perfect for travel or for those who prefer a clutter-free countertop.

The EVO JET-1 has a battery life of two weeks, which minimizes the need for constant recharging, guaranteeing that your flosser is always ready when you are.

The EVO Jet-1 Water Flosser comes with 8 intensities and 2 water jet modes you get to choose from for each of your unique needs. Whether you're looking for a gentle massage for your gums or a powerful clean, the EVO JET-1 has you covered.

Switching between the 5 included nozzle tips on the EVO JET-1 is a breeze with the easy-release feature. The Standard tip is perfect for daily use, reaching between teeth and below the gumline. The Plaque Tip tackles hard to reach areas missed by standard flossing, while the 

Tongue Cleaner prevents bad breath by eliminating bacteria from the tongue. The Ortho tip flushes out bacteria and food debris around braces, and the Periodontal tip offers extra deep cleaning.

Plus, you get to stay on track with your flossing routine by using the built-in 2-minute timer and the auto shut-off feature.

How To Use

 For best use Evo highly recommends charging the device for 24 hours before use. After charging, disconnect the water tank, fill with water, and attach your desired nozzle with a distinct "click" sound. The JET-1 water flosser has 8 different water pressure settings and a pulse mode, promising a deep clean floss experience. Once the nozzles are attached, guide it between your teeth at a 90-degree angle, and gently move the water flosser along your gum line for effective cleaning.

Upgrade your dental routine with the EVO JET-1 cordless water flosser and experience the convenience, and effectiveness of water flossing. Embrace the future of oral care and enjoy a healthier, whiter smile. Make your dental routine an effortless flossing experience from the EVO JET-1!